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Looking For A Free Diminished Value Claim Calculator?

Don’t be fooled by the imitators. It could cost you thousands.

Have you been searching for a Diminished Value calculator, a website that will give you at least a remotely accurate estimate of what you might be able to expect if you won a settlement? The question you need to ask yourself is whose interests do they have in mind? Are they going to spit out an estimate that represents the maximum you deserve or will it be much lower and more palatable for your insurance company?

Better Yet, Try Our Diminished Value Calculator

Our diminished value calculator isn't engineered to give the lowest possible amount. We make estimates based on our knowledge of the industry and successfully filed claims. This can be used to estimate potential diminished value that you are entitled to.

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Even if the site that is giving you a diminished value caculated estimate isn’t controlled by the insurance industry, it’s still likely you are getting an inaccurate figure derived from a simple formula based on Kelley Blue Book adjusted for rough damage estimates. Good for the insurance company, but not so much for you.

The trick is to have a diminished value expert who finds that “sweet spot” that doesn’t creep into the realm of unrealistic expectations. If you’re gunning for too much, you will either delay your settlement or not get one at all.

Autoloss will review your vehicle repair expenses and what kind of damage has been done. We determine the appropriate diminished value figure to present to you and your insurance company, but not until additional details are considered.

Much more goes into calculating the diminished value of your vehicle. What is the vehicle market like in your area? What kinds of vehicles are in demand and what are not? We will present market data to support your case and the argument for why you deserve the amount we have come up with.

Don’t be fooled by a computer-generated formula that either gives too high or too low of an estimate, without the supporting documentation needed for a successful diminished value claim. Your insurance adjuster will want you to produce the methodology that was used in determining the figure you are seeking.

The difference between a diminished value claim settlement won by Autoloss and what you see on a random diminished value calculator can very well be in the thousands of dollars. That’s a mistake you can’t afford.


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