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  • I just want to take my time and thank you guys for your services. I did get my check from Geico and I do appreciate your company for helping me get this settled.

    I think you guys are running a great service for people like me where insurance companies don't want to pay what we deserve. Once again, I personally thank you — especially Miss Monica Fisher for the communication and prompt responses.


    Johnny Ameer
    Atlanta, Georgia


Modern trucks, vans, and SUVs have specific repair requirements that make them susceptible to frame-related Diminished Value.

Body-on-frame vehicles are not as simple as they used to be.

Design changes in late-model trucks and SUVs add to the repair complexity of these full-frame vehicles. Highly engineered crush zones are now a part of designs that require specific repair techniques. Lighter, stronger components let vehicle makers achieve better fuel economy, safety, and performance. Characteristics of these newer designs make it important that manufacturer's repair procedures are followed to avoid compromising safety.

Areas of Concern for Diminished Value from Frame Damage

  • High-strength steel and High-Strength Low-Alloy (HSLA) materials
    These newer grades of steel have more stringent requirements for welding and heat treatment than older mild-steel frames.
  • Factory spot welds vs. repair shop MIG welds

  • Hydro-formed components

  • Composite materials
    Foam filled sections or aluminum composite construction

  • Corrosion Protection

  • Manufacturer's repair requirements
    Crush-zone integrity and proper air-bag timing may require sectioning and replacement of frame components, heat-straightening restrictions.

Further compounding the accident victim's problems are insurance industry practices that attempt to hide diminished value caused by frame damage. We can help you determine if diminished value has occurred. Our expert appraisers know the latest full-frame repair methods and standards. We can find out if your vehicle has suffered frame damage even if the insurer or repair facility tries to conceal it.

Just a few of the things we check for:

  • Clamp marks from frame straightening
  • Factory spot-welds replaced by plug welds
  • Welds from sectioning and component replacement
Terry M. Fisher, Owner,
Terry M. Fisher Founder

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