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  • Thanks. I will keep your info handy. $2500 vs $5,500. Good work.

    David E. Root, Insurance Agent CIC




Even if you have a great auto body repair shop, a vehicle isn't the same after a crash. Unfortunately, many people don't realize they have a Diminished Value case until it comes time to sell the vehicle. Insurance companies will sometimes award a settlement even if a car has decreased value after it's been repaired. Doesn't sound fair, right?

Diminished Value is one of the auto insurance industry's best kept secrets. Some companies will automatically issue an amount for the repair, but never tell the consumer about diminished value. However, you can file a diminished value claim even after you've been awarded a settlement for the repairs. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Always Talk to a Diminished Value Expert

Talking to a licensed diminished value expert will give you options. Most automobile appraisers work for the insurance company so it is important to have an auto appraiser that is objective and never works for the insurance company. Autoloss is a national company that has been in business for over 15 years. Autoloss never works for the insurance company so we can be objective regarding the loss in value of your vehicle. Knowing the intricacies of your diminished value claim is very important. The loss in value of your vehicle could be in thousands.


When you're in a wreck make sure you go to an Appropriate/ Certified Repair Shop — and don't go to a Direct Repair Facility for the Insurance Company.


It continues to be a big problem. Both electronic and mechanical odometers are often "clocked," "spun," or set back. The new car market is slowing and millions of vehicles are coming off lease. Add up the additional ten cents per mile sellers realize by clocking odometers, and there is significant incentive for dishonest people to commit fraud.


Modern trucks, vans, and SUVs have specific repair requirements that make them susceptible to frame-related Diminished Value.


Client's Experience Reveals Insurance Company Tactic to Avoid Paying Diminished Value

Our clients have shared some fascinating stories of their experiences with collision repair shops and the insurance industry. One client's car was hit while stopped at a traffic light. The other driver was at fault and they accepted responsibility.


Our network of contacts in the automotive business sometimes gives us access to interesting information. For example, the Toyota dealers' requirements for the Toyota Certified Used Vehicle Program show how carefully these cars are inspected for accident damage. The evidence of a collision repair can be hard to conceal from a trained inspector. This is yet another reason that cars suffer from the stigma of Diminished Value.


How do you know if your vehicle was one of the unfortunate victims of a flood or hurricane?

It is possible that these flood-damaged vehicles will be cleaned up and sold before their titles reflect such damage. By the time you find out, months may pass and you will have to discover and pursue legal recourses that may be available. It would be better to discover this information prior to purchasing the vehicle. There is a solution from an unlikely source.


Thanks for the great job on my Diminished Value claim.. Due to your help and your appraisal State Farm paid me $6,725 for Diminished Value on my 01 Jaguar.
Thanks, Ann Ross, A happy client in Arizona


Terry M. Fisher, Owner,
Terry M. Fisher Founder

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