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Autoloss helped us settle the Total Loss claim with our insurance company for $4,100 more than the initial claim payout. Excellent service was provided every step of the way!

— Roger Reed
San Diego, California


Due to Autoloss I got almost $6,000 more then I was offered 1 week earlier on my 1980 Jeep. I was amazed. I will tell everyone about your company. Autoloss is amazing.

— Candi Rice
1980 Jeep Arizona owner


I spoke to Monica at Auto Loss and she literally "WOWED" me with her knowledge and courteous customer service... After a few weeks of negotiations with the insurance company I was issued a check for $4500. Needless to say, working with AutoLoss was one of the best investments I have ever made.

— Mack
Nissan owner


State Farm split the difference and has cut a check. All total $3000 more than their original amount. That hit the mark as to what we originally thought the value should be.

— Mike Edwards


You were very professional in your dealings with all parties concerned and, at times, went beyond what normally is expected in order to bring my claim to a successful conclusion.

— Bob and Marcie
Rockwall, Texas


I found Autoloss on the web site www.autoloss.com. After confirming their legitimacy with the Oregon Department of Commerce, I took a chance and hired them. The professionalism was excellent. They kept me updated and after a few weeks I received a check for an additional check for $3,903.

— Ron Bardine
Elk River, Minnesota


I was in tears when the automobile insurance adjuster offered me only $6,000 for a car for which I had paid $18,000... You not only settled my claim for $10,000, but you also relieved me of the cumbersome negotiation with the adjuster and the related stress. The latter alone was worth the cost of service!

— Sandra VanderHeyden


The adjuster at Allstate stated he had never heard of Diminished Value and once I pressed him further he stated that Allstate did not pay Diminished Value... I finally called Autoloss desperate for help. They filed a claim for diminished value within 48 hours and within 2 weeks I received my diminished value check from Allstate for $10,900.

— Joy Schmidt
Dallas, Texas


Autoloss helped get me a check for almost $10,000 within a week...

— Monica Lahr


Once USAA received the Diminished Value appraisal they totaled my car that week. I don't know what I would have done without Autoloss.

— John Smith
Miami, Florida


Thanks for the help getting the $8,120. We never would have received a penny without your help.

— Arlene and Bob Sigourney


We received a settlement for Diminished Value in the amount of $9,000. With this kind of result and Terry Fisher's experience in these matters, I would certainly recommend his services to anyone else who finds themselves in a similar situation.

— Frederick W. Greb
Portland, Oregon


I asked Allstate about Diminished Value on my 2004 BMW. After two months they offered me $3,090 for Diminished Value... I called Autoloss and within 3 weeks they had conducted the appraisal inspection, and had negotiated a diminished value check for me for $15,900.

— Robert Dupea
Santa Clara, California


Progressive only offered me $13,000 and after negotiating with Progressive for 3 days I called Autoloss. They completed the appraisal and negotiated my claim and within 2 weeks I received a check from Progressive for $18,090.

— Mary Kiperman
Houston, Texas


...Farmers insurance company only offered me $1,000 for Diminished Value on my 2001 Cadillac Escalade. I spoke with Monica Fisher and within two weeks I received a check for $9,500 for Diminished Value due to the appraisal and negotiations of Autoloss.

— Sharon White
Seattle, Washington


Autoloss provides timely, professional and accurate service. Expert analysis and testimony from Autoloss was critical to my client obtaining a very favorable ruling in court.

— Alex I. Poust
Portland, Oregon


Terry helped me get money that I had not even known I had coming. The insurance company did not inform me of my right to a Diminished Value claim. Autoloss gave me more bargaining power in negotiating a settlement.

— Tim Callison
Honda owner


I received quick professional help at Autoloss. They helped me get a Diminished Value check for almost $8,000 as well as they helped me the whole way through the process with one on one attention.

— Ed Nied


We want to thank you very much for your help with everything. Thanks for doing such a great job!

— Dr. Paul Meunier, M.D.


Having an advocate in a situation when I thought I had none was a great mental relief.

— Libbi Layton
Vancouver, Washington


You and the team at the AGA did a great job! The settlement of $3,300 made me feel that I was finally compensated properly from the accident. More important to me than the money, was the fact that you forced the insurance company to be honest about the damage.

— Jim Mellor
Atlanta, Georgia


I would like to thank you for the fine job you did in settling my claim with State Farm Insurance. The settlement of $10,000 was in the ballpark of what I thought my vehicle was worth based upon dealer retail price.

— Marshall Goldstein
New York, New York


With your assistance, we received $1,100 more than they originally offered. You were great to work with, acted very quickly and returned messages promptly.

— Duff Main
Dallas, Texas


I spoke with Autoloss and they sent me a DV appraisal that day. They faxed it over to State Farm and within two weeks, I was going to the State Farm office to get my check for $22,500.

— Dave Roundtree
Miami, Florida


I called Autoloss and they e-mailed me a rough draft of my appraisal and they itemized all my upgrades and settled the claim for $8,000 two weeks later. They did everything for me.

— David Shoe
Houston, Texas


Terry M. Fisher, Owner, Autoloss.com
Terry M. Fisher
Autoloss.com Founder

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