I was involved in an accident and totaled my car. The accident was my fault so I was dealing with my own "shady" insurance company Unitrin Direct. They gave me a very low offer for the Total Loss of around $13,800, which was well below low blue book. They didn't take into account that my car was fully loaded and that I had just spent almost $1,000 on new tires two weeks before the accident. I refused the offer and asked your company to provide me with an independent appraisal which you did. The offer I received after you guys did your appraisal was more then $2,000 more!!!!! I would recommend to anyone who is thinking that their or another insurance company is trying to take advantage of them, which they almost certainly will, to use the friendly and helpful people with this company. They are great at what they do and will get you the results that you want. Thank you Monica!!!!!!!

Andrew Kato - Atlanta, Georgia