This service is awesome. Yes, they were out of state, as I live in Texas, but they sent someone to look at my car and submit an appraisal! (I live in the middle of nowhere, too!)

I had around $3600.00 in damage to my car and was told by Allstate appraiser I would never get near that amount and certainly not OVER that amount as Diminished Value check. The official ALLSTATE offer was $2700.00. I took Monica's advice and pointed out that my car could no longer be a certified vehicle because of frame damage. It worked! I am receiving $5512.00 for my Diminished Value. WOW, I couldn't have done it without this service! I would have never had the guts!

No guts, no glory!

Autoloss gave me the courage to stand my ground!

Thanks for everything!

Beth Dimmitt - Texas