Thanks for your work!

I was initially doubtful that I could get so much more for my car since it was 11 years old. Autoloss proved themselves and made me a believer. If ever I have another car wreck, I am turning to them for advice and service.

I was so angry and felt taken advantage of when my eSurance told me that the value on my car was given by an unfair company named CCC. That FMV was very low and I wasn't going to take it lying down. That's when I searched and found AGA and gave them a call. Monica was very professional and friendly and straight to the point. She didn't waste any of my time and her 30 years experience paid off. I'm so glad and relieved that I found them. Just to think that if I would have just said "ok" to my insurance company's settlement that I would have lost around $1500 by not using AGA. Thank you, AGA!

Brennan Johnson - Houston, Texas