Dear Terry, Monica, Joni and Autoloss!

I wanted to say thanks again for your help. My 2003 Toyota Camry was in a wreck that caused over $6500 worth of damages. Allstate insurance wanted to fix it. I did not want my car back especially since the damage was over 50% of the car's value not including the Diminished Value. I contacted Autoloss, requested a Diminished Value quote, and sent it over to Allstate insurance. This brought the new claim amount to $10,400 and they decided to total out the vehicle instead. Allstate will be mailing me a check in the amount of $12,888.61

I used the money to buy myself another car that's never been wrecked, which is what I was driving before the accident!
Thank you guys so much!!!!!!!

David Pacheco - Los Angeles, California