Thank you again for your enormous help and expertise. As you know, after my 2007 Volvo was involved in an accident earlier this fall, I was disappointed with the insurance company's "Diminished Value" they had assigned to the vehicle as a result of the accident. The amount of Diminished Value clearly was much lower than I anticipated, and without your guidance I would never had recovered the lost value of the Volvo from the accident.

Not having worked with you before, I honestly was skeptic with the results. In the end, I can honestly say working with you was such a very positive experience. You exceeded my expectations! In the end — you helped with all the details of the transaction, from scheduling third party appraisers to umpires to receiving the final settlement payment from the insurance company. Bottom-line, the experience was great, and the financial benefit of using your company was worth thousands of dollars!

Thanks again.

Dick Sullivan - Atlanta, Georgia