After I was hit while driving my 1993 Volvo 240 Wagon Classic, Farmers Insurance offered me $3700 as a Total Loss value. The vehicle was a limited edition and had been in excellent condition with low mileage and had always been well-maintained. I knew I could never get a vehicle of that quality for the amount they offered so I tried to negotiate a better settlement with them for more than a month. I also tried to get help from my own insurance company, USAA, but had no success. I was about to accept the offer out of a need to move on, but as a last-ditch effort I searched online to see if anyone could help get me better settlement. I found Autoloss and submitted an online form, not knowing what to expect.

Terry called within a day of my form submission and walked me through the process. Within a few days he and Monica had created an appraisal report that valued my vehicle at over $6900. Less than a week after they sent the valuation to Farmers, they offered to settle with me for the full amount requested — nearly twice as much as their original offer! I was amazed and grateful for the fast, friendly, and effective work of Autoloss. I recommend them enthusiastically!!

John H. - Prarie Village, Kansas