After my brand new truck was recovered after being stolen, I was sent a $750 check from my insurance company for Diminished Value. At first I was excited... Then I researched Diminished Value and stumbled upon Autoloss. After reading numerous testimonials where people were rewarded thousands in damage, I decided to give Autoloss a call. Immediately, I was put to ease by the company owner(and my new best friend), Terry Fisher. He asked a few questions about my truck and within ten minutes he came up with a new assessment of at least $5,000. I was very skeptical that for only $500 this guy says he can get me 5k!! Sounded like I was getting scammed. Sounded too good to be true.

Autoloss earned Josh Mallard $5000 in dimninished value on his stolen truckTerry walked me thru everything. He made calls to the incompetent dealership that was repairing my truck and was able to answer any and all questions I had about the process. After 2 weeks, my insurance company offered a new settlement of $5719.40. Autoloss hit the ball out of the park and I'm sure that they would do the same for you!!! If you could use a few extra dollars, give them a call... Tell them I sent you!!

Josh Mallard, NFL Defensive End - Denver, Colorado