Monica Fisher was my point of contact at What I received from her was an exceptional account of the impacts a damaged vehicle will assume from the standpoint of Diminished Value. I paid the fee and received my appraisal report the following day. Every sentence in the 13 page report was constructive, educational, and written in clear English Language, not confusing legal mumbo jumbo. The comparables chart outlined make, model and features of 3 other vehicles of similar value and with similar damage. Overall, the report was an extraordinary appraisal report that left no stone unturned when conveying the evidence of Diminished Value that exists when a new luxury vehicle is damaged.

The report was worth every cent of the fee I paid to Monica at

Included with the Diminished Value claim letter, Monica provided a sample cover letter that I could modify with my own words. In my cover, I further defined our own insistence that State Farm carefully consider the Diminished Value claim in order to avoid legal steps as well as to eliminate the need to file a suit against their insured in small claims court. I also provided detail of the careful manner in which my husband and I care for our vehicles.

I forwarded the cover letter and 13 page DV report to State Farm Claims and called the claims office and received a call from the Idaho based State Farm Diminished Value Claims Specialist the next morning. She said she had heard of and that they generally came in high. I stated that no matter what the case might be, the report was excellent, factual, included comparables, and well documented evidence to support Diminished Value in such cases, and represents our appraisal for the damaged Cadillac SRX. Furthermore, I told the claims adjuster, the man ran into my car, State Farm has accepted the liability for the damange, and thats why people have insurance. She requested info about where we bought the Cadillac, the salesmans name, and a few other items and said she'd be back in touch same day.

About 3 hours later, I received a call from the State Farm DV Claims Specialist. She had made several phone calls, received a few back, and was prepared to offer $8500. I felt the offer was fair and to negotiate more would have been without merit. So I accepted her offer. She drafted the check same day, mailed it and the following Wednesday I received two checks: one check was for the repair claim and the other check was per the diminished value claim. This as a case where lemons had been made into lemonade.

My husband and I hugged and smiled at each other for our purposeful journey to seek justice in a situation that had been quite distressing.

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Mary Mangold - Atlanta, Georgia