Several weeks ago, I crashed my Nissan 350 Z Roadster. My insurance company offered me $25,500 + tax. I did not feel this was a fair price. I felt the car was worth about $30,000 after looking at similar cars and values. After debating this with my insurance company, they told me I could hire an appraiser, they would hire an appraiser, and if the appraisers could not agree, both would hire an umpire. They told me this would take 4-8 weeks.

I contacted Autoloss. My case was handled by Monica Fisher. Within two weeks, my insurance company has decided to pay $30,500 + tax.

This process was very easy. Contact can be made by phone or email and Ms. Fisher was responsive at all times. Ms. Fisher handled everything and negotiated this amount with my insurance company's appraiser. No umpire was needed. Ms. Fisher told me the amount offered, that she felt it was fair, and I agreed. My insurance company is now sending me a check.

I recommend that others who need an honest appraisal on their vehicle or whom are disputing a value with their insurance company contact Autoloss. There service is A+ and their prices are very competitive within the industry.

Sean Lavin - Charleston, South Carolina