It has occurred to me that 'John Q. Public' knows nothing of what Diminished Value is. In fact, if it weren't for my son's friend saying to me that I should make a claim … I too would never know.

We are a forgiving society … at least when an insured's insurance policy pays for repair and given a rental vehicle while the repairs are being performed.

When done … we get our car back and life begins again not knowing that we are really not made whole. Made whole when sometime later we find out that we are being penalized financially with a lower than expected "trade in value" for being in an accident.

Your company, with its history of helping folks like us who have never heard of Diminished Value or how to "make a claim," has been invaluable.

Thank you for being there … I have been contacting both friends and business contacts with DV information but more important to contact your firm to receive "Peace of Mind."

Steve Fortgang, Hollywood, Florida