I wanted to inform you that I reached a settlement with Travelers Insurance this past week and agreed to settle the DV claim in the amount of $6,000.00.

I eventually contacted Travelers corporate office to register a formal consumer complaint, since the folks I was working with locally here in Atlanta were refusing to budge beyond the DV amount (approx. $4400) that had been determined by the independent appraisal company that they contracted with to evaluate our vehicle.

My escalation seemed to get some attention, and I was quickly contacted by the unit manager for the state of GA who seemed to be more willing to negotiate with me. Considering the additional time and energy that I would have had to spend in the future to pursue this legally, I ultimately got them to "sharpen their pencil" a bit more in order to arrive at the bottom line amount I was willing to accept.

In closing, I appreciate all of the advice and counsel you provided throughout this process. In the future, I will not hesitate to recommend AGA to my friends/family should they face a similar situation.

Tim - Atlanta, Georgia