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    Without an experienced professional from Autoloss on your side, your insurance company will not voluntarily offer you a diminished value claim and you may walk away with much less from your settlement. As your trusted Seattle diminished value claim company, we know your rights. If you have a vehicle with significant damage due to someone else’s negligence, you have the right to file a diminished value claim.

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Seattle Diminished Value Claim

The auto insurance industry doesn’t want car owners to know about diminished value claims because they are more interested in saving themselves thousands of dollars. Don’t let the insurance companies take money that is rightfully yours.

I was a little leery of paying an appraiser to appraise a car that was only worth $13-14000. After a quick phone conversation, Autoloss told me they thought it would be worth the fee and I believed them. As it turned out, the insurance company paid an additional amount equal to 3 times the appraisal fee. In addition, Autoloss was very responsive in getting the insurance company everything they needed to issue the check. It was well worth the cost.

Phil Roth – Seattle, Washington

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The value of your vehicle is tied to the buyer’s perception. If you’ve been in an accident and fully restored your car to function properly, the value of your car may still be lower than you expected. Because anyone buying a car can access its history, buyers can offer less for your car than what’s its actually worth.

Here are just a few reasons Autoloss is the leader in Seattle diminished value claims:

  • We have recovered over $17,000,000.00 the past year in diminished value
  • We have local appraisers in Seattle, WA
  • We are licensed auto appraisers
  • As consumer advocates, we work exclusively in your interest
  • Our experience as an auto dealer and licensed public adjusters gives us the unique view from all angles of the industry
  • Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

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